Starbuck Case Study

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Harry Dilworth
SECR 5080
Case Study
February 16, 2011

Who would have ever through a social media website would evolve into the world busiest Internet site. Well Facebook is currently the world’s most popular web site, with more than 690 billion page views each month. (Boulton, 2010) The social networking site was launched in February 2004, by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s in his dorm room at Harvard University and used a single server. This young upstart company was started on the campus of Harvard University, where Zuckerberg’s Facebook community of 1200 Harvard University students began. (Geller, 2010) The Facebook buzz grew on the Harvard campus and within week’s students from Stanford and Yale wanted to be part of the social network. The network was extended it operating platform to other available Ivy League servers. Soon Zuckerberg announced that his Facebook was to become the “social operating system for the Internet.” Up until that time, the Facebook platform was for Facebook alone, but now, users could integrate all of their Internet activities into their single Facebook profile. Developers quickly started to build applications for all the popular sites and users started adding them in an effort streamline their virtual identities. With more than 500 million active users, Facebook is the busiest site on the Internet and has built an extensive infrastructure to support this rapid growth. (Rahul, 2010 With this rapid growth comes a mountain of informational system issues notwithstanding the massive storage infrastructure required to house the enormous stockpile of photos, which grows steadily as users add millions of new photos every day. People share more than 30 billion pieces of content on Facebook each month. In addition, the company’s infrastructure must support platform services for more than 1 million web sites and 550,000 applications using the Facebook connection platform. This case study will identify Facebook...
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