Difference in Bangladesh Workforce

Topics: Employment, Globalization, Management Pages: 3 (781 words) Published: December 3, 2007
How is Bangladesh's Work Environment different from 10 years ago? In this regard, what can you or the "experts" see for the future? XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

The work environment in Bangladesh is very different than what it was in ten years back. The changes are as follows:

IT Based:
Use of IT changed a lot in the work environment. It has not only enhanced the efficiency of work but also become the most effective tool for communication. E-mail and VOIP are some of the examples of IT tool. However, to address this new phenomenon, organizations have to initiate new policies as well, e.g. IT Policy.

Mixed culture:
In last one decade many foreign and multinational companies entered into Bangladesh market and opened their business here. They established a linkage between Bangladesh and world market and thus contributed to creating a multicultural workforce in the country. Globalization effect:

By virtue of globalization, both employee and employers are able get in touch with global work environment. For example, a group of data entry operators can receive training and instruction from their American buyer sitting on their own computers in their offices in Dhaka. The project manager also gets feedback from the buyer at the end of the day, when he sits on his computer and connects the buyer through internet. Internet is now very much within the reach of the employees, which has enormous contribution in globalization process. Organizations became more structured:

Organizations are becoming more structured through introducing formal policies and procedures. Number of organizations having separate HR department is much higher than what it was ten years back. Earlier HR unit was a part of Admin department. They are now separate and very important departments of the organizations. Organizations are now employing professional HR persons to handle the employee related issues in a more efficient way. New Corporate culture:

A new...
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