Difference Between Windows7 and Windows8

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Now, many people talk about Windows 8, however, Windows 8 vs Windows 7, what differences between Windows 8 and Windows 7? We may find answer below what differences between Windows 8 and Windows7.

Windows 8 vs Windows 7: Differences between Windows 8 and Windows 7

Windows 8 is about to be released one or two years later from now. There will be many new features in Windows 8 as everyone knows. We are also predicting some of the new features in Windows 8. We are predicting the new features in Windows 8. The next operating system of Windows 8 will be available by 2012 August.

What are the difference between Windows 8 and Windows 7?

Windows 8 New Taskbar
This is a guess made by everyone, I suppose. In Windows 8, there are full chances that Microsoft includes a new Windows 8 taskbar. Just like Windows 7 had a new taskbar, though not entirely different than Windows Vista but then the new features made the customers or users of Windows 7 delighted. I am sure that in Windows 8 also, Microsoft adds a new feature.

No Compatibility Issues in Windows 8
The biggest reason that Windows Vista could never make it up to the mark of the sale it could have that, it was not compatible with many applications of Windows XP. I am sure there won't be any such problem and this will rather prove to be a Windows 8 new feature for the users.

Windows 8 -128 Bit Operating System
Microsoft engineers will able to design a 128 bit Operating System which they will call Windows 8. If this is a fact that Windows 8 is going to be a 128 bit operating system, then it will surely be a revolution in the operating system industry because no other operating system other than Windows 8 will be a 128 bit Operating System.

Windows 8 RAM support -512 GB
When practicality goes hand in hand then Windows 7 64 bit edition supports 192 GB of RAM. According to that, if Windows 8 will be a 128 bit Operating system, then Windows 8 is surely going to support something around 512 GB of RAM, which I think would be a very big advantage for the server runners.

Windows 8 new looks
There is a rumor that the upcoming looks of Windows 8 are going to be something at which the users will become a fan just by seeing itself. The Windows 8 new look can entirely be different than what it was in Windows 7 and Windows vista, with full change in the icon arrangement, program management, window flashback and Windows 8 taskbar.

Windows 8 Libraries
Windows 7 was full of new libraries in it. There may be many more such libraries in Windows 8 so as to enhance the Windows 8 new features functionality. The Windows 8 libraries might be able to include more functionality as well as security safeguards.

Windows 8 Security
Windows 7 became popular, far more popular than Windows Vista could ever become because of great security inclusions. Such security can also be called as Windows 8 security inclusions that mean that the Windows 8 people can also add new security inclusions and a better firewall to Windows 8

Windows 8 Security is further innovation. Before Windows 8 is released, users think that Windows 7 security is much better than Windows Vista, but that does not mean Microsoft does not need any improvement in terms of security. Microsoft makes sure that Windows 8 security is better than Windows 7 security. If they are successful, Microsoft will have advantage in operating system market.

Now that Windows 7 has begun its march to solidify its position to become one of the company's most successful operating system launches the work on its successor, Windows 8 is starting to take shape. We are looking for the new innovation of Windows 8.

Multiple Desktops - I am sure this one is not so excited feature for many of you because its available from many years through third-parties apps. Though, Microsoft has developed this feature to another level by introducing some fancy animations when you gonna flip from one to another....
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