Microsoft Network Operating System L

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  • Published : January 29, 2012
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Microsoft Network Operating System l
Research Assignment Part 1
Part 1:
1.Why does Windows Server 2008 come in different versions? Just as with consumer-oriented versions of Windows, Windows Server 2008 comes in several different varieties to accommodate features useful to different types of users. Large businesses are willing to pay dearly for operating systems that support dozens of processors and thousands of users, but a small business would loathe having to pay the same price when all they want is to run a small volume web server. By creating multiple versions with different feature sets, Microsoft is able to maximize their profits. (wiki.answers, 2011) What is the significance of each Windows Server 2008 version? Microsoft offers Windows Server through TechSoup in the Standard and Enterprise editions for both 2003 and 2008. Microsoft also offers three special-purpose editions for 2008: the Datacenter, Web, and Itanium editions. In general, the Standard Edition is designed for small-to-medium-sized organizations that need no more than one instance of the server software in a virtual operating system. The Enterprise Edition is appropriate for organizations that need a highly dynamic, scalable IT infrastructure or for organizations that would like to deploy up to four instances of Windows Server (any version) in guest virtual machines. The Datacenter Edition is optimized for large-scale virtualization; its license allows one server to run an unlimited number of Windows Server instances. The Web Edition is designed to be used only in Internet-facing web-serving environments. The Itanium Edition is optimized for the Intel Itanium processor's native 64-bit processing and Explicitly Parallel Instruction Computing (EPIC) architecture [ (TechSoup, 2011) ]. 2.What are the new features or enhancements made to Windows Server 2008? Hyper-V, the next-generation hypervisor-based server virtualization technology, enables you to consolidate servers and use hardware...
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