Difference Between City Life and Village Life

Topics: Sherlock Holmes, Professor Moriarty, The Valley of Fear Pages: 1 (264 words) Published: February 7, 2013
1.       Who is Porlock?
2.       Who is Professor Moriarty?
3.       What is the content of the letter Porlock sends to Holmes? 4.       What book did Holmes and Watson use to decipher the code? 5.       What did the coded message say?
6.       Who came to solicit help from Holmes and Watson? 7.       How was the information in the coded message confirmed? CHAPTER TWO
1.       Where did the murder take place?
2.       What did MacDonald think of Professor Moriarty? 3.       How did Holmes prove to MacDonald that there was more to Moriarty than there seemed to be? 4.       How does Moriarty punish his minions if they make mistakes? 5.       Who sent a letter requesting help to MacDonald? 6.       How was Mr. Douglas murdered?


1. Briefly describe the village of Birlstone. 
2. What was the house where the murder took place called?  3. What the features restricted access to the Manor House?  4. Briefly describe John Douglas. 
5. What did Douglas' neighbors think of him? 
6. Briefly describe Mrs. Douglas. 
7. Who was the guest at the Manor House? 
8. How was he connected to the Douglas couple? 
9. Name two of the Manor House's servants and indicate their jobs.  10. Describe Mr. Douglas as he was found by the doctor and the sergeant.  11. Who was first on the scene of the crime? According to Barker, how did the murderer escape?  12. Why does Barker think so? 

13. Where was the murderer hiding in the room? 
14. What distinguishing mark was on Douglas? 
15. What was missing from Douglas' personal effects?
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