Village Life vs. City Life in Spain

Topics: City, Town, Village Pages: 2 (462 words) Published: April 24, 2013
|VILLAGE LIFE VS CITY LIFE IN SPAIN | |In the past Spain was a country mainly dedicated to agriculture for its livelyhood. Villages were full of families with | |many children, all and I mean all of them worked on the land. Families were big, five children upwards and although | |nearly all the villages had a village school, education was not high up in the agenda. Most offspring followed in their | |fathers footsteps. | |Cities were for "cultured people" business men, engineers, architects and so on. These people usually had more money than| |villagers and often went to university. | |Then, around the 60's there was a social change, a vast number of villagers left their homes in search of a better life | |in the cities. So slowly but surely villages were emptied of "young people" in fact there is a good number of "ghost | |villages up and down Spain". | |The villagers who moved to the city found that they were actually better off. Spain's economy was growing and there were | |plenty jobs available. These people had fixed working hours, (unlike in the village where work was from dawn till dusk) | |they also had a month's holiday which was paid for by the company, (something which they never had in the village) their | |children could go to school instead of working the land. There were all the ammenities near at hand, all kinds of | |entertainment and so on....Indeed, they felt they were better off! | |Nowadays things have changed yet again. Villages are filling up once again but not with farmers, in fact, townsfolk are | |trying to...
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