Difference between an Interview and Group Discussion

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  • Published : November 6, 2012
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This essay will show the use of friendship pairs in interviews for marketing research. In the beginning of each research it has to be clarified what kind of research ahs to be done. So first it has to be analized what kind of data would be of interest. Data of a wide range of respondents would be collected by questionnaire, which is shorter in time and could be easier analysed. If the topic is more complex, it could be of interest to have more detailed data. Therefor a focus group discussion could be helpful. Normally there are six up to eight respondents in one group with one interviewer. What makes a focus group interest is the fact that the respondents are not always in direct contact to the interviewer. They will start talking to each other more then in one to one with the interviewer. This is very important, because of the information the interviewer will receive. If people starting to talk with each other, we can have more and deeper information about a topic then in direct single questions.

Under special circumstances it could be important to talk only with a very small group of people. Especially if we are thinking about more delicate topics, or a topic were it is not so easy for people to talk about. As an example the first sex contact or first used of hard drugs. To make people more relaxed to an interview, it shows that friendship pairs are a very good option to put people in a more relaxing mood. For this friendship pair interviews the selection of the right pairs is important. Sometimes even threesomes will be used (Highet, 2003).To get good and trustful data material it will be important to have the right personalities in one interview together. If one is dominating, it could be that the other one is only following and not telling its own opinion any more.

The main difference between an interview and group discussion will be , that the communication is between interviewer and respondents, rather than between respondents themselves. Using a...
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