The Difference Between Groups and Teams

Pages: 4 (1141 words) Published: April 15, 2012
The difference between groups and teams
Sheri Anderson
University of Phoenix
Organizational Behavior and Group Dynamics
Dennis Keegan
April 02, 2012

Groups and Teams
It is many differences between groups and teams. An organization may have several teams and groups for their workers. These groups or teams are composed of workplace diversity and are very important for increase productivity within the organization. The main emphasis of workplace diversity is the differences and similarities that employees bring to an organization. Many organizations rely on groups and teams to effectively operate their business. There are different types of groups and different types of teams.

More important, groups, and teams vary in an organization depending on what type of group or team designed and goals they aim to achieve. According to “What Is The Difference Between A Team And A Group” (2003-2010), “…Many people used the words team and group interchangeably, but there are actually a number of differences between a team and a group in real world applications…” (para. 1). A team’s strength depends on the sharing of characteristics or qualities with other individual’s purpose and interconnectivity between individual members. Moreover, a group’s strength may come from the group’s willingness to carry out the organizations commands. Many people believe it is much easier to form a group than a team.

Additionally, an organization builds groups or teams according to gender, field of expertise, age, or other common factors. Forming a group based on a certain commonality is not particularly difficult, although the effectiveness of the...
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