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Topics: Democracy, India, Parliamentary system Pages: 2 (467 words) Published: December 23, 2012
Opening and Closing a discussion

If the opening speaker talks sense, he will get credit because he opened the discussion and took the group in the right direction. If, on the other hand, the first speaker's start lacks substance, he will attract the undivided attention of the evaluators to his shortcomings. So speak first only if you have enough sensible things to say. Otherwise, keep yourself silent and let someone else start.

Try and summarise the discussion at the end. In the summary, do not merely restate your point of view, also accommodate dissenting viewpoints. If the group did not reach a consensus, say so in your summary, but remember, do not force a consensus. Forcing a consensus could end up working against you.

Entering a discussion

Identify the way to enter the discussion. In a loud GD where there are three or four aggressive participants, and where a number of people tend to speak at the same time, it becomes difficult for others to get a chance to speak. There is no foolproof solution to this problem. And such a situation is pretty much likely to prevail during the actual GD that you participate in. However, it is crucial that you speak. How can you do this?

GD Topics

So now that you are all set with the strategies for doing well in your GD, lets look at a few topics that have be posed in past GDs. Remember, these are only to help you prepare and don’t expect them to be repeated!

1. Our country needs more technocrats and less managers.

2. Management education is a luxury for a poor country like India.

3. Ends justify the means.

4. Women make better bosses than men.

5. Greed is an essential human quality.

6. Pollution control is a luxury for India.

7. Engineers joining management is a national waste.

8. Parliamentary democracy is an obstacle in the path of growth of the Indian nation.

1. Economic Topics: Liberalization is leading to jobless growth

2. Social Topics: Dowry continues to haunt...
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