Diary of the Prince in Cinderella

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  • Published : May 11, 2013
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9 August
I met her again, after yesterday. It was a long time since I had seen so beautiful and lovely creature. I had done nothing this two days during the ball but looked at her all the time. Tonight, I talked to her and I can say, she is almost perfect to me. But something happened, she was rushing and running out in a sudden, I tried to follow but could not overtake her. I picked up her glass slipper that she left. Nobody knows where she went. Now, I am home. Looking at the glass slipper and my mind is all about her. I miss her and I need to find her. I am so hopeless right now.

10 August
Today, as I woke up, she came to mind immediately. So, I’ve announced that I am going marry the girl who can fit in the slipper. I know by this way I can find out the girl that I love the most. Tomorrow I’m going to the town and find out my princess. I can’t wait for the good news; I can’t wait to see my princess. I don’t know if I can see her again, I just hope she will appear tomorrow. I know what I want, and she is the one. My dear princess, please appear tomorrow.

11 August
Today is the fourth day since I first met her. I just can’t believe that I found her today. I hugged her as the moment we met; I never thought that I would miss her this much. She is so enchanting today, with her dress, her smile and her eyes. She is so lovable, lively and lovely. Until now, I’m sitting in my room, and I was starring at the moon, my mind is still all about her. What she has done to me? Why am I still cannot stop myself from thinking about her?

12 August
I dreamt about her yesterday. Oh my princess, you melted my heart. You are mine, my princess. Not only to be my princess, I want you to be my queen. I am going to marry you soon. Let us create our own happy ending. Would you marry me?
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