Juliet Perspective

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  • Published : March 21, 2013
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Romeo and Juliet
It was only this morning when mother came in and asked me the most random question ever. She asked me if I've ever thought about marriage but to be honest, I have never in my life even thought about it since I'm only thirteen. Thirteen may sound like a very young age however, it’s rather normal for someone my age to get married and even have children. Mother asked me that question simply because the ‘valiant’ Count Paris has taken interest in me. I'm not sure if I should feel happy or not but I promised my mother that I would attend the masquerade our family have organised later today to interact with Paris even though I didn’t really want to because I just can’t disobey the people who I most respect, my mother and father. Only a few hours after the awkward conversation with mother, I was already to leave the house. I can’t really explain the feeling I had one the way to the party because it was a mixture of emotions, such as nervous to dance with strangers (especially Paris), scared that I will embarrass myself in front of everyone with my horrible dance moves and on a positive note, excited, after all this is my first time attending such a big party. When I entered the venue which was so beautifully set up, I immediately started to greet everyone, one of them including Paris. It was a very difficult to start a conversation and it involved many silent pauses. If it wasn’t for the entertainers to start singing slower songs for us to dance together with, I don’t think I could have carried on any further. Anyway, after a shaky start, we got on quite well once we began dancing. When we were dancing, I could see from the corners of my eyes that someone was secretly following me. Even though he wore a mask which made him unrecognisable, it was already enough for me to be certain of how handsome he was. Maybe the reason I'm here tonight isn't because of Paris but because of him and maybe it is fate that I'm in the same room as my first love. Every...
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