Special Girl of My Life

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  • Published : October 4, 2012
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“Special Girl of My Life”

Crushes or inspiration are almost the same. But if we says Special girl, it will came into our minds that this girl is the one that make you feel alive and give your life a meaning to accomplish your goals in life. You will do anything for your special girl just to make her so happy, even though it will hurt your feelings

At the first day of our class, I am so shy to introduce myself to everyone around. But suddenly I have met my first new friend in St. Pascual Integrated School. His name is Joshua Ramos. We introduce ourselves with each other. After that, a girl walk in front of me took my attention. That girl wear a reading glass rather eye glass. When our first encounter with our adviser Sir Marvin Dugan, he let each of us introduce and describe ourselves in front of all of our classmates. I was kind a shy during that time. I am the first person that introduces myself and during that moment, my hands and legs are shaking because of being so nervous.

After a month, I tried to court Ms. Anna Gina Aguilar. Gina is being so nice with me. I have courted Gina because I wanted to avoid my feelings with that special girl that took my attention at the very first time that I saw her pretty face. After 3 months that I have been courting on Gina just to avoid me falling in love with Flerida O. Mangawang, I finally give up. I realize that it is hard to avoid your feelings with your crush, so after our 1st periodical exam, I have tell Flerida about my feelings on her. But I didn’t tell her that it started during the first day of our school.

Until now, I am still waiting for the right time to court Flerida. I know that Flerida doesn’t want to enter any relationships or commitments yet. So right now, I am just keeps on admiring her and let her be my inspiration. While I am typing this essay, my mind always keeps thinking of Flerida. I wish she will read this essay because this is all about my feelings for her.
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