Dialect Diversity in the Classroom

Topics: English language, Dialect, Language Pages: 2 (636 words) Published: June 8, 2012
English 1102-001 Phase II: Annotated Bibliography
George Reed and David Marlow USC Upstate Undergraduate Research Journal, Volume 2, Fall 2009 Talkin’ ‘Bout South Carolina: Addressing Dialect Diversity in Middle School Classroom. In my response on the “SRTOL” Students’ Right to their Own Language, I believe that “Standard” English still has to be taught in schools. We could then bring dialects teaching in the classroom just within discussion topics. George and David are showing two main points that support my views: it wouldn’t be possible for teachers to master a variety of dialects but some dialects could be projects or topics of discussion in the classroom. This would make students have a little idea about them. The article brought to our attention that dialects are pretty hard to comprehend while you are an adult. This is supporting my view for the fact that the older people get, the harder it is for them to understand different types of dialects. When children are in their early ages, they are capable of mastering different languages and dialects because the mind is still fresh and open to receive lots of information. But as they get older and become adult, the brain starts having difficulties to incorporate more and more information. So teachers who obviously are already adults will have or actually won’t be able to answer the call for the teaching of English diversities in the classroom. However, we could have plans or projects to learn about some dialects mostly in the speech than in writing. This would build more confidence in “non-standard English speaking” students as they express themselves in class. The writers shared with us a program in which students would utilize just some dialects, study them, and better understand them. And by doing so, students would know what the suitable situations to utilize their dialects are. So overall diversity in the English language wouldn’t be possible but a study of some dominant ones could give some comfort to the...
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