Ebonics vs. Standard English

Topics: African American Vernacular English, English American, African American Pages: 2 (538 words) Published: February 21, 2012
Ebonics Vs. Standard English

For my paper, I chose the topic of Ebonics vs. Standard English. I chose this topic because when we read the different articles, Jones “What’s Wrong with Black English” and Delpit’s “No Kinda Sense”, they talked about the usage of both languages and how we should use them. That sparked my attention because some people don’t know when to turn off or turn on either language. Jones perspective was that we should continue with what we’re doing, which is insisting that the youth learn Standard English. On the other hand, Delpit argues that we shouldn’t have to change the way we talk for no one. He also argues that we should embrace all aspects of our culture, including the language. Both seem to share a deep concern of our education and acknowledge the existence of African American language but they differ in their own ways as well. The difference between the two is that Delpit focuses more on the use of the African American language and Jones focuses on the use of Standard English. I feel that if you know when to cut the Ebonics on and when to cut it off or vice versa, then you should be okay. Yes you might be accustomed to one language but when it’s the right time to cut it off then do so. For example, when you’re trying to get a job, no one will hire you if you’re talking Ebonics. Many employers look for well educated people who talk the proper way. I’m not saying that all people who speak Ebonics aren’t well educated, I’m saying that you’re likely to get hired if you talk the proper way. The major point I want to make is that, when it’s the right time to cut one language on or one language off then make it happen. It shouldn’t be a commotion to just switch languages for a point in time.

When I read Delpit’s article I read some interesting stuff. Her daughter Maya transfers from Standard English to African American English when she transfers to a school where it’s majority black. For me I really don’t understand why it’s so...
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