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  • Published: March 13, 2013
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Express 1 Strategic Marketing Plan, Spring 2009

For the
Prepared by
Sejal Dsouza
Charles Kirker
Gabrielle Perham
Andrea Sikes
Ece Yilmaz


Express 1 Strategic Marketing Plan, Spring 2009


The purpose of this paper is to offer a strategic marketing plan to Express 1 for its new innovative web portal, E1ship. Express 1 is only fifteen years old and has expanded from Salt Lake City, Utah to sixty locations throughout the United States. Express 1 started as a reseller of DHL products and has recently reinvented itself as a third-party logistics provider. It offers tremendous value to its business clientele by offering discounted shipping rates and exceptional personalized service. And now, after its recent launch of the E1ship web portal, it can offer these services conveniently from its clients’ desktops. The E1ship web portal is offered free-of-charge and allows customers to schedule the shipment of any item (from a small parcel to a full truckload) to anywhere on the globe, to choose from Express 1’s network of hundreds of carriers, to print all documentation, to track the shipment throughout its journey, and to combine all shipments on a single invoice. This paper provides a complete situation analysis on the company and its industry, a proposed market with which the company should focus, and a comprehensive marketing mix tailored specifically for this market.

This marketing plan begins with a profile of Express 1, its current mission statement, a discussion on the freight shipping services industry, and the company’s current measures of performance. Our marketing team offers insights and recommendations throughout this section, including a revised mission statement that includes the company’s vision, and some proposals for performance measures. The plan then offers a detailed analysis of the company’s strengths, which include its competitive advantage: its carrier network and...
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