Developing Yourself as an Effective Human Resource Practitioner

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  • Published : July 18, 2011
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In order for us to identify where we want to put energy for our own development, it is necessary to develop what Inglis (1994) calls an ‘Extraordinarily realistic self-image’ (ersi). You need this so that you can be sure that your dreams, goals and plans are built on a sound foundation. It is only then that you can consider how you would like thing to be in your future. The outcome of your self-assessment should lay the grounds for your next round of Continuing Personal Development. Personal Development is a strategic and beneficial tool in creating a strong base for any business. In a recent survey it was identified that 69% of people who work in a Human Resources role feel that CPD is highly important to their career path It helps identify your strengths, how you will grow with your chosen area, it is an example of intrinsic motivation and commitment to lifelong learning and developing yourself in your Human Resource field. There are six specific areas in which you must look at in order to gain a truthful understanding of what stage you are currently at and where your next steps will be these are: work itself, reflection by self, feedback from others, individual psychometric and self-diagnostic testing, Organisational metrics and Professional Metrics such as the CIPD Professional Maps. Having your own CPD strategy will shape and develop your career path one of the most beneficial tools you can help develop yourself in order to understand your learning and understanding of Human Resources. It is crucial that we look at the Professional areas defined by CIPD map: Leading and managing the Human Resources function is specific to the role I want my career to move into it is vital to my CPD journey that I develop strengths and skills in this area. In order for me to progress in a HR function and role I must detail my development and skills around that sited and deemed necessary by the CIPD. We can look at the professional behaviour of stewardship when we talk about...
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