Personal Development Portfolio

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Personal development portfolio (PDP) is a summary of personal and professional development of a person’s, at the various stages of his life. It assists to make future prospective and offer chances to realise career goal. It also facilitates to understand required skills and competency to achieve career objectives. The whole PDP is divided into four parts. First part is related to the personal background second part is about personal development objectives, third part is conclusion and fourth and last past is appendix with evidence of skill improvement.


Name --- Parveen Kumar
Age --- 26 year
Nationality --- Indian

2.1 Family circumstances

I belong to a middle class Indian family and I am the only child of my parents. My parents are in government services. From the very beginning they were transferred to the various places so my primary education was conducted in different places then we got settle to a city and I regularly went to my school. We had no business background that’s way there were no such inspiration for me to became a business man. Being from a middle class family limited number of facilities encouraged me to earn a lot and get a status in the society. So I wanted to be a business man since childhood assuming there is lot of money and status in business world. Now with the time it has become my passion to be a successful business professional.

2.2 Cultural background

India is multicultural country. People are very traditional and man dominance is still exists. Children are grown in such a way that they realise gender difference from the very beginning. Being a man we are considered more responsible than girls for earning. That’s why the rate race starts from childhood. People make best of their effort to prove himself batter than others. This culture is far more difference from European countries. My Parents are in services so punctuality has been our prime concern. Management with limited number of resources I learnt from the very beginning. So I learnt some managerial skills such as value of time and resource management and some more from my family background that are also an essential part of business management.

2.3 Educational background

I had been a good student in my class from primary education. In 12th standard I got distinction and achieve first position this achievement boosted my confidence. I did my graduation in Bachelor of Laws which helps me to develop analytical skills and confidence to make judgments and decisions. As I was interested in business studies I joined MBA. Now I am pursuing MBA in international business from Dublin business school Ireland. An international qualification adds value and knowledge in my professional career.

2.4 Professional background

I started my career as a lawyer after my graduation in district court as a junior advocate. In college I learn the theoretical law and the practise in court allow me to learn practical aspects of the lawyer profession. I worked for two years as an advocate in district court Faridabad. Here I learn drafting the cases, filing suits in both forms of law civil and criminal. It also develops my intellect of reasoning and interpretation. In January 2008 I came to Dublin and started working part time as security officer in city centre. After three months I got selected in an open interview in a big and reputed security company. Currently I am continuing with this job and getting very good working experience in Irish context.

2.5 Career goal

My keen interest is in corporate world as I worked in India as an advocate in civil and corporate law. It allows me to work as legal advisor or as HR assistant in an organisation. From my career point of view my area of interest is recruitment and selection in Human resource field. For my long term career goal I would like to see myself as a HR director in a large multinational...
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