Developing the Future of Flight (Aerospace Engineering)

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Developing the Future of Flight
Aerospace engineering is the field of engineering dealing with the design, development, construction, testing, and operation of vehicles operating in the Earth’s atmosphere or in outer space (Stanzione). Aerospace engineers can work on many different vehicles from aircraft to deep diving vessels to high speed trains. The vast knowledge in aerodynamics, propulsion systems, structural design, materials, avionics, and stability allows them to work on just about anything.

To become an aerospace engineer one must complete a bachelor’s degree program, usually in aerospace or aeronautical engineering. Then college graduates must take two examinations and accumulate four years of work experience in order to become a licensed professional engineer (PE). Graduates earn the title of engineer in training (EIT) after completing the first exam, which can be taken any time after schooling is complete. EITs may then begin on-the-job training to further their experience and understanding of aeronautical engineering. Once EITs have completed the required experience, the next step would be taking the second exam to become a professional aerospace engineer (

According to, the median salary for aerospace engineers in 2011 is $92,000. When one first enters the world of aerospace engineering, one will start out as an aerospace engineer I. This is called the entry level. The average salary for an entry level engineer is $62,213 per year. After one has worked in this field for two to four years, an aerospace engineer II will be the next step up. Anyone at this stage is now considered an intermediate level engineer and will take home an average salary of $84,537 per year. Soon after this promotion comes the next promotion, and aerospace engineer III. At this point people at this level now earn $91,945 per year. After working in this career for five to eight years one will move up to an aerospace engineer...
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