Developing Corporate Culture in Nokia

Topics: Research, Mobile phone, Management Pages: 2 (629 words) Published: April 21, 2011
DCC-2 2.1 Existing corporate climate of Nokia

S Chamil de Alwis 103250-82

According to the case study of Nokia the corporate climate is not at a positive stage at the time. Many former employees criticise the management once they have level the company for example “Due to the high risk the higher management has killed the idea of touch screen” Mr.Hakkarainen (former employee) · “research was managed by committee with Soviet style bureaucracy” Mr. Risku (Former Manager) This clearly shows the unhealthy corporate climate exists in Nokia making the company further dragging in to the market and technological loss it suffering from. Further by the statement of Mr Tirri who is a manager in Nokia currently, clearly shows the adverse corporate climate in Nokia “We have made real effort to transform and open research channels” In further analysing the problem the effect of finish culture has significantly effected on the managers of Nokia. It was a bless to have a tough structured management in Nokia in its golden days when not much competition was there and only they have to focused in to mass production of their superior products. But suddenly markets changed with mainly Apple's fast expansion in to new technologies. And all over the mobile phone market competitors armed with superior technical advantage fought with Nokia. The “slow moving giant of bureaucracy” was out dated by the new fast developing agile companies like apple. Their once “steady bureaucratic stable culture” was no longer stable. Within the company people points out (as above mentioned) weaknesses of their Research and development managing, the big gap or hole in the corporate culture between higher management and researchers. This explains once booming style of corporate culture will fall in different conditions over time. For adapt Nokia has to change its corporate cultures well. Also the climate that works in a company will have same effectiveness in other.

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