Developing Communicating Skills

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  • Published : April 20, 2013
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Skill Discovery-Developing the Communicating Skills There is no disagreement with the statement that e conomic globalization facilitates the global mobility of labour force, which brings not only opportunities for the development of organisation but also challenges in managing the cross-culture issues. Meanwhile, the increasing penetration of hi-technology in the new world of work will inevitably result into the change of working pattern, which conversely present a new topic for all managerial personnel. Both the cross-culture issues and the emergence of ‘new world of work’ challenge the management on their managing skills. Furthermore, in markets of all sorts, organisations are growing in size and complexity and competition is becoming increasingly sharper. Therefore, the successful management must be the one equipped with supportively managing skills in planning, organising, controlling and coordinating. This paper mainly focuses on the author’s past experiences demonstrating the incredible significance of co mmunicating skills within an organisation. Communicating Skill in Handling the Cross-Culture Issues

International talent and labour force mobility has grown tremendously with the increase in the globalisation of companies and the opening up of world markets. Companies are now becoming a miniature united nations and facing a growing challenges in dealing with culture origins and religious diversity at every level of the companies. Under the circumstances, adjusting communication pattern and skills accordingly with the varying cultures and values would necessarily play an essential role in manipulating the situation. For example, in many Asian cultures, indirect communication is more valued. Disclosing of thoughts and feelings as well as direct expression of needs will be rare. Direct criticism and feedback is often not seen as acceptable communication. In these cultures, more indirect expression of needs is more acceptable than being direct. Keys to...
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