Determining Enthalpy Change

Topics: Zinc, Redox, Aluminium Pages: 2 (260 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Determining the Enthalpy Change for a Redox Reaction
Criteria Assessed:

Research Question
What is the enthalpy change between the reaction of Zinc reducing Copper II ions? Purpose
Determine the change in enthalpy for the redox reduction of zinc reducing Copper II ions. Independent Variable
Dependent Variable
The change in temperature
Controlled Variables
Materials/ Apparatus
* Zinc powder
* 2, Foam cups
* 10 cm3 pipette
* stopwatch
* 1.00 M Copper II Sulfate
* Scale
* Scoop
* Thermometer
* Weighing plastic container
1. In the lid for the foam cup make a hole in the center to fit the thermometer. 2. Accurately pipette 20.00 cm3 of 1.00 mol dm-3 CuSO4 solution into another foam cup. 3. Weigh about 4 grams zinc powder in a weighing plastic container. 4. Use the thermometer to record the temperature of the Copper II Sulfate solution accurately every 30 seconds for three minutes. 5. At the three minute time period immediately add the excess zinc powder to the solution. Gently stir using the thermometer and accurately record the temperature every 30 seconds for another 7 minutes. 6. Record All Changes you observe during the course of the reaction. 7. Calculate the enthalpy change for the reaction per mole of zinc and show all you calculations. Data Collection and Processing

Qualitative Observations
Data Table
Processing Raw Data
Title for each Calculation
Title for each Calculation
Calculation of Uncertainty Value
Calculation of Uncertainty Value
Calculation of Uncertainty Value
Calculation of Percent Error
Results Table
Conclusion and Evaluation
Identification of Error Sources
Suggestion to Reduce Error
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