Detailed Lp in Physical Education Iv Tango

Topics: Tango, Ballroom dance, Waltz Pages: 5 (1824 words) Published: March 14, 2013
A Detailed Lesson Plan in Physical Education IV
Pablo Roman National High School
Prepared by: Ercielyn Triguero

IV- Jupiter
February 22, 2012

I. Objectives:
At the end of the lesson, 100 % of the students should be able to attain at least 75% level of proficiency in:

1. Described the historical background and style of Tango briefly. 2. Identify and execute the proper rhythm and basic steps of the Tango. 3. Perform the Tango dance skilfully with feelings.

II. Subject Matter

Topic: Basic Steps in Tango
Unit: IV- Ballroom Dances
Lesson: 14- The Tango

References: Enjoy Life with P.E. and Health- IV Year textbook Materials: boxes, cartolina, marker, audio materials etc.

III. Teaching Procedures:

A. Rout nary Activities

1. Prayer
2. Greeting the class
3. Checking the attendance
4. Checking and passing of assignment
5. Warm-up

B. Developmental Activities
Teacher’s Activity 1. Review and Motivation“Today we’re about to proceed in our next lesson but before we dig inside, we are going have an activity, and this activity will serve as a recap about our recent topics and a clue for our today’s lesson.” “Are you in?!” When I asked you, “Are you in?!” you are going to shout “We are In!”Again. Are you in?!“Alright. Listen to my instructions because I will tell it once.”“First I’ll group you into four.” “If you notice there is a cartolina at the centre containing questions that are related to our recent topics and there are four boxes too. Actually those boxes contain the answers that correspond to those questions in cartolina. All you have to do is to get the answers inside the box one by one, one question-one member. The first member will run toward the box to get the answer in the first question and he/she will paste it in his/her chest and afterwards he/she must return in the group and snap the hand of another group mate to get the answer of the second question and will paste it in his/her chest too, and so on, until you complete the ten questions. In a group there are 12 or 11 members, so one or two members will remain, those members will be the picker/s. After completing the ten questions the picker/s must immediately get the bag that contains puzzle pieces, and the group should form and arrange the puzzle. When you are done with the tasks, you will shout your buzzer.”And these are your buzzer for each group:Group 1 - UnoGroup 2 - dosGroup 3 - tresGroup 4 – kuwatro “The winner group will receive prize.”“Did I make myself clear?”“Are you in?!”“Okay, get ready. At the count of three you’ll start.”“1...2...3...go!” Questions: 1. A Latin dance which originated in Cuba. 2. The recommended speed of music of cha-cha. 3. Ballroom dance that derived its name from the German term “walzen” 4. The rhythm of waltz in in __ time. 5. The first and important position in waltz. 6. This ballroom dance includes the basic chasse. 7. Jive had its beginning since _____. 8. Ballroom swing started in _______. 9. “walzen” means? 10. Cha cha dancers use a pattern of ___ counts.“Let’s give (3) three big claps for the winner group!”“Good for all of you, I’m glad because you still remember our last lessons.”“And now, according to the pictures you had formed in puzzle pieces what do you think is our lesson for today?” “That’s right! Then what kind of ballroom dance do you think it is?” “Nice try. Try to look at their outfit. What have you notice?”“That’s right. Any wild guess?”“Nice try again, but it’s not. Another clue is, it is very popular in Argentina”“You got it! Very good” 2. Lesson Proper “Our lesson for today is Tango.”“First, let’s talk about the history, characteristics and style of Tango briefly before we proceed to the steps.Gauchos or cowboys Buenos Aires, “Barrio de la Ranas

“Baile Con Carte”
19th cen.
Tango was first solo dance performed by woman and later done with couples using castanets....
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