Cfi Oral Plan of Action

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  • Published: November 14, 2010
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CFI-I Oral Plan of Action
Discussion of the elements related to Basic fundamentals of Fundamentals of Instruction, Technical Subject Areas, Preflight Planning.

Fundamentals of Instruction
Certificates and Documents
Airworthiness Requirements
Weather Information
IFR Cross-Country Flight Planning
National Airspace
Technical Subject Areas
Regulations and Publications
Operations of Systems
Aircraft Systems, Flight Instruments, and Navigational equipment Instrument Cockpit Check
Air Traffic Control Clearances
Lost Communications

FOI 0:15
Technical subject areas1:00

Dry erase board, markers, Pilot Operating Handbook (POH), Aviation Weather Services, PHAK, FAR/AIM.

Instructors Actions:
Discussion of lesson objective and elements relating Fundamentals of Instruction, Review topics, and technical subject areas.

Students Actions:
Participate in discussion of objective, listen, take notes, and ask questions

Completion Standards:
The instructor should determine that the lesson objective has been satisfied and that the student had reached the desired level of learning

Fundamentals of Instruction
* The Teaching Process
* Preparation of a lesson for a ground or flight instructional period. * Presentation methods.
* Application, by the student, of the material or procedure that was presented. * Review and evaluation of student performance.
* Critique and Evaluation
* Critique—
* Purpose and characteristics of an effective critique. * Methods and ground rules for a critique.
* Evaluation—
* Characteristics of effective oral questions and what types to avoid. * Responses to student questions.
* Characteristics and development of effective written test. * Characteristics and uses of performance tests, specifically, the FAA...
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