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Topics: Desktop publishing, Adobe Systems, Computer software Pages: 4 (966 words) Published: March 5, 2012

NAME: Tavonga Mapara


COURSE: Electronic media and book development

CODE: IPU 2103


QUESTION: Compare and contrast two types of software that a small DTP company can use

Desktop publishing is the process of using computers and software programs to design, prepare, and typeset a variety of documents. This technology which continues to change with rapid speed has been embraced by all levels of the business world. This presentation will aim at comparing and contrasting the software programs that can be used by a small desktop publishing company.

Software programs are instructions executed by the computer. In this presentation, the two types of software being compared are Ventura Publisher and the Adobe Page maker. The most selling DTP soft ware that a small company might want to use are Ventura Publisher and Adobe Page Maker. In the past, Ventura Publisher has been the program of choice for longer documents, such as books and catalogs. Page Maker’s strength has been for producing short documents such as flyers, brochures and newsletters. This makes it more suitable for a small business. However, in the latest version of each program, Page Maker has added features for long document handling and Ventura Publisher has added more typographic controls to help compete in the layout of short documents.

Ventura Publisher recognises text created with Word, Word Perfect, Word Star, Xerox Writer and Xywrite. This makes it easier for the publisher for she can choose from a variety of Word Processing programs which Ventura Publisher can recognise. Since it was the first major typesetting program to incorporate the concept of an implicit “underlying page frame, and one of the first to incorporate the concept of a strong style sheet” (, Ventura Publisher produces documents with a degree of internal consistency, unless...
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