Specifications Table (Ms Word)

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Case Study- Director’s Request for PCs using MS Word Table, MS Access, and MS PowerPoint

Case Study – Using MS Office 2010

Please use the document “Case Study – Director’s Requirements” for each of the parts described below.

Part 1: Specifications Table (MS Word)

For the case study provided to you, create MS Word tables that identify and contain the hardware and software requirements to meet the director's requirements. The MS Word document in its final form will include 5 MS Word tables. It will conclude with a two-paragraph narrative summary that classifies the user type and identifies the PC category(ies) that will be recommended.

Students are expected to conduct external research to adequately address all aspects of the assignment requirements. Any outside sources should be correctly cited in APA style at the end of the table. Students will need to include specific requirements from the case study to show why each item is being recommended. Each element listed below must be incorporated into the assignment. Omissions will result in loss of points.

|Requirement |Points Allocated |Comments | |Open and save an MS Word document with the following name: |0.1 |This is the font in normal paragraphs. Heading and title | |“Student’s Last Name Specs” | |fonts may be a larger size. | |Example: Smith Specs | | | | | | | |Set normal text to Arial, 12 point. | | | |Title Page which shows title, your first and last name, course |0.2 |The title must be “Specification for [insert your first and | |and due date. | |last name]”. | |Use a footer to create page numbers for all pages except the |0.2 |Right-align the numbers | |title page. | | | |Create a table that shows the various required hardware |3.0 | The table must be labeled “Hardware Components.” | |components. The table should have all the necessary columns, | |User requirements are posted in the case study. | |rows, and column headings to show the following: | |For example, you might include the following information in | |Input Devices – Identify each device type and show which specific| |your table to describe one Input Device: | |user requirements are met. | |Input Device – 1.2 Megapixel video camera | | | |Requirements met – create video files | |Output Devices – Identify each type and show which specific user | | | |requirements are met. | | | | | | | |Communication Devices – Identify each type and show which | |...
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