Design, Fabrication and Performance Analysis of Solar Oven

Topics: Sun, Energy, Thermodynamics Pages: 20 (6281 words) Published: March 13, 2008
Today, every country draws its energy needs from a variety of sources. We broadly classified this source as conventional and non conventional. 1.1] CONVENTIONAL SOURCES
1)Fossil fuels,
2)Hydroelectric power,
3)Nuclear fission,
1)Solar energy,
2)Wind energy,
3)Bio mass and bio gas,
4)Ocean thermal energy,
5)Tidal energy,
6)Geothermal energy.
Energy is the prime mover of economic growth and is vital to the survival of a modern economy. Future economic growth crucially depends on the long-term availability of energy from sources that are affordable, accessible and environmentally friendly. In many equatorial regions, native trees and bushes are being cut at an alarming rate to meet the growing demands for agricultural and, industry, and fuel wood and charcoal. The environmental consequences of this deforestation are severe, ranging from soil erosion and climate changes to flooding and the destruction of farmland. Moreover, dwindling supplies of wood mean that people must spend more time and energy in the search for cooking fuel. One alternative is to use kerosene or liquefied petroleum gas. But these are often imported and transporting them to remote areas is usually difficult. The next alternative is to use the sun, particularly in equatorial regions where solar energy is abundant. Solar energy has the greatest potential of all the sources of renewable sources and if only a small amount of this form of energy could be used, it will be one of the most important supplies of energy especially when other sources in the country have depleted. The solar power where sun hits atmosphere is 1017 watts, whereas the solar power on earth surface is 1016 watts. The total world wide power demand of all needs of civilization is 1013 watts. Therefore, the sun gives us 1000 times more power than we need. If we can use 5% of this energy, it will be 50 times what the world will require. the energy radiated by the sun on a bright sunny day is approximately 1kw/m2, attempts have been made to make use of this energy in raising steam which may be used in driving the prime mover for the purpose of generation of electrical energy. The basic research in solar energy is being carried in universities and educational and research institutions, public sector institution, bharat heavy electrical ltd and central electronic ltd are carrying out co-coordinated program of research in solar energy. Various application of solar energy is: 1)Solar cooking,

2)Solar heating,
3)Solar electric power generation,
4)Solar distillation.
A Solar Oven is a way of harnessing the sun's power to cook food. A metal box and heater forms the simplest solar oven. A set of large mirrors focus sunlight to a single point may also be added. On a sunny day a black baking tray or cooking pot can convert thousands of watts of light directly into heat. Temperatures in the oven can reach 400 degrees F (200°C). Apart from the obvious need for sunlight and the need to aim the solar oven before use, using a solar oven is not substantially different from a regular oven. Humanitarian organizations are promoting their use worldwide to help slow deforestation and desertification caused by the need for firewood with which to cook. 1.3] HISTORY OF SOLAR COOKER:

The first known western solar cooker was built by Horace de Saussure in 1767. He reported successfully cooking fruits at that time with initial temperatures of 189.5 F (87.5 C). Our solar boxes now successfully reach temperatures between 275 -300 F (135 -149 C), depending on size and location of use. SOLAR BOX COOKERS INTERNATIONAL (SBCI) was formed in 1987 as a non-profit volunteer organization to respond to inquiries and provide central coordination of volunteer donations of time and money, develop educational materials, and promote knowledge of the technology and use of SBCs worldwide. A solar box cooker is an insulated box with a transparent top and a...
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