Design-Build Project Delivery Method

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  • Published: February 10, 2010
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Civil Engineering: Design-Build Project Delivery Method
Design-Build Project Delivery Method
Due to the economic specialization, a new method named The Design Build Project Delivery Method has been developed. This method is found as the best alternative for delivering the public projects (Design-Build E ffectiveness Study, 2006). As per the position of the design professional, the design build project delivery methods are suitable for the delivery of the projects. The use of this method has become widespread in the recent times. Due to this much of application of this method, the need of the project designers is much to be involved in the development of the projects to ensure that the design plans are being executed properly in addition to the contemplation of the challenges in the entire construction process, which are caused by the design prior to its completion. Favor of Design Build Project Delivery Method

The method of Design Build project delivery is the paramount method for the project delivery because with this method, the overall cost of completing the project can be reduced to a certain extent. In addition to this, the capital facilities can be brought more quickly on line through this technique. The method of design build project delivery holds the interface of owner, designer and builder at a promotional position by the development of a sole unit, which is stimulating with the client program’s transformation, in the form of a cost efficient and aesthetic actuality.

In the previous century, the rate of disputes and conflicts related to designing and construction works were very much common not only in private sector; but equally in the public sector. The reason was all the things in which manner they were conceived to work, were not working in that manner. The design consultants were blamed by the contractors for preparing the documents of construction in an incomplete form. In the same...
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