The Development of the Facilities Management Role

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Formerly, project designing or types of organisation are not complicated and huge scale same as today. Normally, design process is just the capitalist hire architect and engineer to talk with them and the capitalist tell them what they need. Then, there are architect and engineer role to set a plan or strategy. After the plan was designed, architect and engineer would present to the capitalist and had some discussion. Finally, when the capitalist accept with plans and they got conclusion, the project would start. Nowadays, many organisations are more complicate, type of building and space using are more complex, the competition in world market are higher and many technology emerge in the present. Those are too much for architect and engineer to manage it. The organisation needs someone to take responsibility, manage overall organisation and make the most profit for organisation. So Facilities management was emerged and also reach the recognition.

Mole&Taylor (1993, p23) states that In 1980, Facilities management occurred in U.S.A when the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) and the Facility Management (IFA) Institute were founded. Then Cornell University also introduce Facilities planning and management to the first graduated programme. However, “Most commentators and practitioners would confirm that it existed well before and could be said to have had it roots in the great movement towards scientific management” (Mole&Taylor 1993, p. 23) “The main catalyst in the 1960s towards facilities management was the introduction of computers in the workplace. The energy crisis in the 1970s brought home the importance of cost-in-use and the need to better manage costs associated with premises that support the organisation’s business. The 1980s saw management focus shifting towards the quest for quality in terms of value for money. The efficient utilisation of premises, as an important resource of any business, is no exception,” (Then&Akhlaghi 1993, p 15)

Facilities managers’ roles are cover overall organisation and buildings.The British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM) defines facilities management as “ the practice of coordinating the physical workplace with the people and work of an organisation; it integrates the principles of business administration, surveying, behavioural and engineering sciences” Many people think facilities managers’ works are just relate to the real estate and construction. In fact facilities managers’ role are almost cover overall about organisation ” it covers real estate management, financial management, change management, human resources management, health and safety and contract management, in addition to building and engineering services maintenance, domestic services and utilities supplies.”(Atkin&Brooks 2005, p4)

Facilities management was developed for many reasons. World economic is one the most important reasons, the economic competition are rising from both local and international, lack of effective management might be the cause of unsuccessful business. Moreover in USA, ”The need to operate such complex and, in some cases, so called intelligent buildings, effectively and achieve efficient use of the accommodation has developed in importance. Link to this, was the need for buildings to be sufficiently flexible and adaptable to enable changes in operation to take place in response to commercial pressures” (Mole&Taylor 1993, p. 24) The impact of information technology is one of the Facilities manager responsibility to adapt it with organisation, The information technology effect to every parts of organisation even shapes, space and workplace function. Successful organisation have to improve the strategy follow the information technology, that why facilities management has developed. (Mole&Taylor 1993) The facilities management role

To be facilities manager, it is require both skill and knowledge. Focus on facilities managers’ knowledge, The facilities...
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