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  • Published : October 2, 2011
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CRN 10280
My First Job
Imagine a loud, busy, bustling place, that’s a tad bit chilly and full of people. It’s a restaurant at a packed full hotel. The place is like an anthill after you step on it, with people scattering around like ants trying to get wherever they are headed. Here at one particular restaurant there is a certain room full of sweets. That is the Ice cream room and it is one of my current places of employment. The room is quite memorable to me due to the fact it reminds me of the fact that this was the first job I ever got hired for. Let me further elaborate on the room itself. It’s not too big or very wide. If I were to estimate I would say its size is about the same as an average bedroom. Upon entering there is a display of my jobs’ (The Fountains’) ice cream. Upon looking inside you can see that the display case holds about a million different flavors making it so hard to choose just one. Right behind that and a bit to the left is the soft serve machine, which is a whole other monster on its own. When it has its bad days the machine comes to life and starts wailing and screeching loudly which drives the other servers and I crazy. If you stop to reflect on the sound, it resembles a cars tire screeching on the road. Next to that is the counter with a sink and a shake machine has a mind of its own. The machine is old and wearing down and at times will keep continuing to stay on even after you removed your hand and shake from the switch. Next to the shake machine is the hot fudge where delicious fudge is stored and is like a volcano in regards to its temperature. Lastly in front of the fudge container is the cash register where all transactions and experiences with others occur.

Additionally, the room itself is pretty cold, being at an appropriate temperature for ice cream to stay enjoyable. The day usually begins when you hear only the sound of feet echoing through the back hallways as we enter through the back door. My coworkers and I...
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