Descriptive Essay

Topics: The Road, Snow, Road Pages: 2 (576 words) Published: October 2, 2012
A late December night
Like many other nights; it is late and I am tired, leaving the bar after my shift and driving home. It must be close to 4o’clock in the morning now; the roads are covered in snow like a cozy white blanket on a cold black night. I seem to be alone on this two lane highway; my headlights are the only ones shining, like two beckons in a lighthouse searching for others in the dark. The roads have just been plowed, very little is on the pavement but the snow is falling fast, within minutes the road will be covered once again and the lines will be impossible to see. I will have to try to make the drive home from memory, exhausted, with almost no visibility. It is a December night in Minnesota, snow and sleet litter the sky. The snowflakes were as immense and remind me of diamonds as the headlights shine on them. The reflected light from the flakes is mesmerizing as they swirl outside the car window and smash into the windshield with such power that they seem to almost explode. The brightness of the flakes in contrast to the dark night made it difficult to see the next twists and turns of the road that I know are close. I’m desperately trying to follow the yellow line on the right side of the road which is highlighted like a ray of sunshine in the night trying to guide me home. I should be close now, ten miles or so. My eyelids feel like weights and I can scarcely keep them open, I need to sleep! The yellow line is still there but only sporadically; is the snow covering it or am I nodding in and out of wakeful reality?

Minutes crept by as does the road, I am not sure what time it is now or how long I have been driving but if feels like hours. I feel peculiar, everything around me feels altered. What happened to the heat in my pint-sized red Honda CRX ? I am freezing and I can feel the snow and sleet hitting my face. I can no longer hear the music from my radio, someone is yelling in the distance; the voice is all around me but nowhere at...
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