Descriptive Essay

Topics: Debut albums, Lie, Mind Pages: 2 (627 words) Published: February 28, 2012
There are many people in this world that I could dislike easily but there’s only one in my mind, namely my ex-girlfriend, Jamila. She is very impatient, she’s has a nag of wanting everything to be on time no later than a minute late and She’s also very emotional For insistence, on Facebook if she sees a girl comment on my picture she jumps to conclusion of me cheating on her and breaks down. My other reason is that she’s a liar she thinks lying is the best objectives to get her own way and to deceive people me in particular. In my years of dating my ex Jamila she was the most impatient person. I am not particular sure of the reason as to why Jamila was so impatient however my thoughts are because of how she was raise by her mother. The reason being her mother was also an impatient woman I say this because upon meeting her mother for the first time her impatient was quite evident. Jamila her reason of being impatient is she said if someone tells her a time that person needs to be on time and that is understandable but her attitude towards it stinks. Because of her being so impatient our relationship started to became rocky. Another example for her being impatient is when we are texting and she sends me a text if I don’t reply within 5 to 10 minutes she starts to keep texting and calling me at the same time to see why it is taking me long to reply to her message. Not only is she a very impatient person she also extremely emotional. Jamila is a very emotional female she complains for almost everything. I understand we all have complaints sometimes but she just complains for no reason and I actually think she enjoys it but it sure does bring me down. No matter what you say, she will get angry. If you try to tell her that she looks great, she'll accuse you of lying to make her feel better about her rhinoceros butt. She would start arguments for no apparent reason and then later get emotional break down and cry about it and make it seems as if it’s my fault. In my...
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