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Mikala Williams
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On the campus of the University of Maryland Eastern Shore there are a plethora of beautiful buildings that signify greatness. The architecture of the buildings is brilliant and gives the campus a sense of exquisiteness. The thoughts that go through the minds of incoming freshman could only be about what there roommate will be like, if they will be able to manage their classes and so on. The living conditions in the dorms are respectable and are suitable for any residential student. But not only is the atmosphere of a campus highly anticipated by incoming freshman, housing and dorms are also apart of the excitement.

As a freshman here at UMES, I was assigned to live in a building known as University of Terrace, on the third floor. The dorm is an all girl freshman dorm and is located on the farthest end of the entire campus, getting to classes is quite a walk. Because “UT” is newest dormitory on campus, it was built away from the buildings where most classes are held. The dorms are almost perfect in size, not too small or too large. The more space the more miscellaneous things that would become clutter. A bathroom, which isn’t exactly what I’d call home, connects two rooms. First opening the wooden door and pushing the metal handle down, it was cold and didn’t have a “homey” feeling. Surrounded by white brick walls floored with flattened carpet that seems to go with almost any color. As far as a working space, it’s pretty simple. It includes a basic wooden desk and cushioned chair under it. Once I unpacked and “spiced up the place” a bit, the room didn’t look too bad.

As with every housing building there are rules to be abide by and upheld. My building’s Residential Assistant, better known as RA’s, made it apparent that all residences are required to follow the rules and procedures. Every Tuesday, RA’s conduct weekly room inspections, to make sure that residences adhere to keeping the bathrooms and rooms...
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