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  • Published : April 22, 2013
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My name is Kamilu. It is the only name I’ve ever heard and now what I call myself. I have grown up in a homeless shelter, in the beautiful lands of India. As a child this place never scared me even when I was alone at night with no mother to give me comfort. These old brick walls are my home. It is filled with the only people I’ve known my entire life. The superannuated streets are enclosed by the very building which the emperors lived. The walls are rich as the white pearl of gold. It has been carved a masterpiece and the only beautiful castle in all the lands. “I will live like that someday” I tell myself.

I am now bordered by the thick green forest which endangered animals inhabit and many forbidden herbs. This is where I do my work of witch crafting. The lovely black striped orange tigers are also my friends. My home is surrounded by the poor streets of India where I’ve known not to make myself bored. This market is where I practice my magic. It is filled with many persuading people. They create lies of every color. The beautifully dressed women are my masterpiece. I have been paid by every scoundrel to make something of them. Ruefully it is the only money I can make. In my youthful years I became pregnant with a beautiful baby boy and had no choice but to give him away. He is better off without me since I have no home to give him. I can only offer my astounding beauty. I have long black hair and polished brown skin only to be covered by the traditional robes we wear in India.

As time grew older, so have I and may no longer work as well as I’m used to. I have suffered as well as the others who have no families to feed them. The lands of India have gone through a scarce of food. My customers don’t come as they used to. I’ve obtain one last plan. The pain I’ve been suffering all these years will come to an end. I have fooled you.

I live in a kingdom where the people are vulnerable. It is not my fault for them to be my prey. My time will soon end and...
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