Description of a Sculpture Essay

Topics: Toilet, Toilet paper, Toilets Pages: 3 (836 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Dalby 1
Gabrielle Dalby
English 1010
Instructor RA Haze
28 January 2013
The Thing
Detail is an important part of everyday life, though it is more often than not one of the most overlooked aspects of life. People often see detail without actually noticing it, thus what they see is overlooked. For example, in a sculpture named “The Thing,” detail is written all over it, but without a close observation of the details, all that is seen is a piece of junk and no longer useful items stuck together to make a shape. With a closer look, though, The Thing is a unique piece of art that will not easily be forgotten.

In my opinion, The Thing is a sculpture that represents a lady, I use this term loosely, in the welding profession. She is reading a book or newspaper while sitting on the Lou. From her slouched position, I believe that she has been there for a while.

There is an abundance of different materials used to create this piece of art, though all are a type of metal. On her head is a small welders hat Her head is a small nut attached to a spring, which represents the body or back. Her lower body consists of two larger nuts pieced together. On her face, her nose is created my a spark plug, her ears are horn shaped wires, and her eyes are two little balls hidden behind a gasket part playing the role of reading glasses. She has a pair of mismatched, hoop earrings that I believe are small chains. A long barbed wire is twisted together behind her head to create a braid. Farther down her body, two fishing weights represent sagging breasts and her limbs are made by metal rods bent into the shape of arms and legs. Her choice to Dalby 2

read is made from a thin sheet of metal carefully designed to look as if it were wrinkled. The tank of the toilet is made from a corner pipe and the toilet seat that she seems reluctant to sit on completely is really the head of a wrench. A spool of thread is used to make the toilet paper holder, and closer inspection shows that...
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