Art Analysis 1

Topics: Vincent van Gogh, Museum of Modern Art, The Starry Night Pages: 2 (727 words) Published: June 9, 2011
Art Analysis
What makes a piece of art art? Is it the creation itself or is it a combination of elements that make a piece a good piece of art. Artist use elements to add depth and meaning to the pieces they create. Artist such as Vincent Van Gogh, Sol LeWitt, Diego Velazquez, and Edward Hopper all had pieces that they used different forms to help capture the attention of the viewer and express their true meaning with the techniques they used in their portraits. Van Gogh and LeWitt both used lines and shapes to express themselves in their works The Starry Night and Wall Drawing No. 681. Van Gogh’s portrait shows many circular motions, which indicate the lines he was using were revealing how erratic he must have felt at this time. We know that at the time of this creation Van Gogh was in an asylum (Pioch, 2002). Since Van Gogh used many circular lines he was revealing how confused he was. Perhaps with the tall lines of the flames and the steeple he was trying to express how he was reaching out to anyone. The dark colors of his portrait also show the somberness Van Gogh must have been feeling at the time. This seems to be just the opposite of LeWitt’s piece Wall Drawing No. 681. LeWitt used lines that were precise, controlled, mathematically rigorous, logical and rationally organized (Sayre, 2009). These lines reveal that LeWitt was striving for perfection. This was not what Van Gogh was striving for. Unlike Van Gogh, LeWitt was trying to capture an idea where as, Van Gogh seems to have been expressing himself, his inner feelings. LeWitts piece is more architecturally geared. In Wall Drawing No. 681 LeWitt shows structure. The lines are not broken the lines come together, perhaps a representation of the LeWitts way of living. Even though all artist use lines in their pieces some artist, such as Diego Velazquez, use space they have to tell a story. In Diego Velazquez piece he organized his space within the painting to make it seem as though the...
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