Describe the Causes of Industrial Conflict, and Evaluate the Use of Effective Employment Relations in Resolving Conflict

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  • Published: August 13, 2010
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Conflict between different stakeholders is inevitable in a functional business; disputes that are mainly arises between the employer and employee includes, wage demands management policies, working conditions, political goals and or social issues. A successful business will depend on its effectiveness and strategies in management these conflicts. Strategies include, using communications systems, rewarding the employees, training and develop net, and flexible working conditions. In applying these strategies, a business will need to know if these strategies implemented are effective, otherwise would need to be amended. Industrial conflict

The term conflict is usually used to refer to disputes, disagreements or dissatisfaction between individuals and; or groups. The causes of such conflicts can include: Wage demands, working conditions, management policies, political and or social issues. Causes

Wage demands and management policies
The engineer’s dispute in 2007-08 was a long running dispute that arose due to wage demands and management policy of outsourcing engineering work overseas. Prior to this dispute, Qantas had laid off 480 maintenance and engineering staff when it closed its Sydney base in 2006. This lead increases the workload for those engineers in the Australian airport and as a result, engineers demanded a wage increase to 5% from what Qantas offered at 3% and 1% for superannuation. Quanta’s argued that this increase would have been affordable due to increasing fuel prices and the need for new planes. The unions also claimed that the then current 3% was not enough when inflation was running at 4.2% and the average was as been increasing to 4.6% Working conditions

Flexible working conditions are patterns of work that allow employees to balance work and family responsibilities more effectively. In the case of Qantas, one category of employees in particular, the flight attendants, will have some form of conflict between the work and taking care of their child. Qantas has to implement new strategies in order to maintain effective staff members. Flexible working hours and leave arrangements at Qantas, such as shift work and childcare arrangements have contributed to a more pleasant working environment and more effective employment relations Political goals

In the time when the Howard government was in power, the industrial relations system (work choices) amended the workplace relations act in 2006 and provided Qantas with more flexibility in staffing, helping the airline reduce its labour costs. This surely created conflict employer and employee. Under this legislation, it made unions more difficult to enter the workplace and organise industrial actions; attempts were made in discretion by signing secret ballots in order to pass a policy. Social goals:

Social goals relates to the conflict that arises from society’s perspective. For example in jerkin’s bakery, the business was doing very well in terms of profits and the owner of the business wanted to

Effective employment relations
Communications systems
Qantas ensured that there were effective communications systems. Effective communication systems help employees feel that they are contributing their ideas and suggestions to proposed changes. It helps establish a sense of belonging and empowerment. The will lead to increased in worker morale and productivity. The communications toll the form of formal communications, including regular meetings, emails and newsletters. They also involved informal communications such as meetings, social functions and mangers visiting work areas. Rewards

Rewarding employees with appropriate remuneration is an aspect of effective employee relations. Rewards can be financial and non-financial and is a powerful tool in motivating employees to improve productivity. It also encourages staff to be more flexible and improves morale. Financial

The conflict between the AWU Australian workers union...
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