Conflict and Omagh Essay

Topics: Terrorism, Nonviolence, Satyagraha Pages: 3 (1049 words) Published: September 2, 2010
Conflict is an inevitable occurrence that occurs throughout all woks of life and its effect expand far beyond the individual person and pose a significant impact on the wider community. Conflicts can be as small as a disagreement with friends or family or as big as a bombing or war. Conflict can be expressed as a fight or struggle due to a clash between people with opposing beliefs or interests. Conflict occurs in social settings and has a great impact on a persons daily life and the lives of those in the society.

Conflict is part of life of humans. It can be in various types such as racial conflicts such as in the Middle Eat, religious conflict, Bali Bombing and September 11, cultural or inner conflict. As seen in the movie Omagh, Peter Travis emphasises conflict and how people respond. The Real IRA were cowards and responded with bombing Omagh, whereas the Gallagher family especially Michael was seeking justice for their dead son Aiden without turning to violence, but conducting procedures through the right channel by communicating and being rational.

Conflict isn’t always bad or negative. It can bring people together both publically and privately together and people offer support to each other, for example in Omagh, the Omagh Self Help and Support Group was formed for the victims of the bombing. Conflict also brought out and unexpected quality from Michael. He stood up for his son which changed hi. He wasn’t scared to talk publically anymore. Wherever humans are, if people choose to respond to conflict without violence and anger, then a much greater conflict is avoidable.

Some people such as Mahatma Gandhi who avoided to respond to conflict with violence and aggressiveness tend to bring about a better future for their people. Gandhi was a man of peace. His values and principles of non-violence, faith and truth are still remembered today. He objected to violence because it appeared to do good, but the good is temporary and...
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