Depression: Caused by Divorce

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  • Published : April 16, 2013
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Depression: Caused by Divorce

Depression. The very word brings up the image of gloomy days, crying or sulking, and maybe even sitting on the couch eating your heart out with a container of ice cream. But what causes depression? Well, many things can cause depression. But the main thing that takes center stage is divorce. Divorce can play a huge role when it comes to depression, especially since it can be one of the main causes of depression, other than losing a loved one.

The divorce rate in America is currently at 50% for first year marriages. The divorce rate has increased over the past 15 years to 10.8%. Males between the ages of 55 to 64 have the highest rate of divorce, which is 15.9% while women between the ages of 55 to 64 have an even higher rate of divorce, 19.6% (US Census Bureau). It really is a shame for those who have children because it will be harder on the kids rather than the parents. Of course, that depends on age. If the children are young, they will not fully understand the meaning of divorce until they are older and they will be confused as to why they have to go see Daddy on the weekends and stay with Mommy during the week or vice versa. If the child or children are older or at least at an age where they understand what is going on and what divorce means, and then it will definitely affect them strongly and be harder on them. It also depends on the reason. If either parent cheated on the other, then it is almost certain that there will be trust issues with the parent who was in the wrong. If the parents just keep fighting and cannot seem to resolve their issues with counseling or therapy, then it appears justifiably decent to get a divorce, but only if they have tried everything in their power to make their marriage work and it just fails. The current rate of depression has increased since 2008. Divorce and depression have been linked together when it comes to healing your emotions and mental state. Depression and...
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