Depression Among Teenagers

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  • Published : November 9, 2011
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Depression among teenagers in Hong Kong

Every year many teenagers die not because of accidents or illness, but by themselves. According to a study (2008) conducted by the Mental Health Association of Hong Kong, 1 in every 12 juvenile adolescents suffer from major depression. The report said about 2.1 million teens aged 12 to 17 experienced a major depressive episode in the past year. For almost half of the teens, depression drastically reduced their abilities to deal with aspects of their daily lives, the report said. There are many reasons for depression and not just one single factor, we are going to explore the external and individual reasons that make teenagers suffer. First of all, teenagers suffer from depression usually related to the academic. Based on the survey (2008) conducted by Richmond Fellowship of Hong Kong which is about the mental health of adolescents in Hong Kong, the result said that 74 percent respondents feel puzzle because of academic. Normally, each person will set some targets for themselves, just like students aim at getting high grades. If they cannot do it, they will be frustrated easily, especially in Hong Kong. For example, based on an article in “Ta Kung Pao” dated March 02 2010, a postgraduate of The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology killed herself due to the academic pressure according to the girl’s friend. Since Hong Kong is a knowledge-based society with keen competition, hence many students put much focus on their academic results, they believe one who could get better results would be the winner. So the influence of pressure to succeed is quite large among adolescents. In addition, the pressure from relationship affects teenagers a lot also. The result of the survey (2008) done by Richmond Fellowship reveal that 58 percent respondents feel depressed because of problems between friends. In the presence of all, the teenagers who aged between 15 and 18 take over 60 percent. An old saying “Without friends no one...
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