Departure of Society

Topics: Generation Y, Sociology, Mores Pages: 2 (665 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Jeffrey Sisson
Professor Molly Mokros
College Writing II
February 12, 2013
Departure of Traditional Authority
Authority is stitched into the fabric of society and is the agent that keeps peace, order and allows all aspects of our lives to run smoothly and cleanly. Without one form of authority or another, our culture, society and well being as we know it will start to corrode and dissipate into the background of our country. Mid-twentieth century generations such as Baby Boomers and most former generations grew up in a time when authority and power were boldly defined, clear and understood by youth or anyone not in the authoritative position. Only until later these boomers were the first to have “…laid claim to the phrase ‘question authority’ in the 1960s” (28). As culture, traditions and mores have evolved and progressed; the result is a generation of people who seek validation and authentication in order to respect a certain authority that is in place.

This generation of people is aptly called the Generation Me. This generation has grown up in a world where television, computers and the ability to seek out information easily and accessibly is second nature and taken for granted almost without exception. With previous generations, they had a strict adherence to the basic rules and laws that governed what they said, what they wrote, who they listened to, and what they should and should not believe. In a way, they were in a bubble that could not be ruptured, and to leave this bubble was to break moral and ethical code. This long running adherence to the rules may be attributed to the fact that in the past, strict participation and obedience were cardinal in being able to survive or live a life that was not chaotic or afflicted.

As for this present generation, the generation that takes objectivity and subjectivity for granted, it has a much more ‘fluffy’ life full of luxuries and niceties not necessarily essential for living. This kind of living breeds...
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