Digital Age

Topics: Ideology, Sociology, Louis Althusser Pages: 3 (903 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Khalif Brown
Professor Lang
English 101
Digital Age
In the article “Japanese and Obentos,” Allison mentions many external sources, through ISA, that effect our lives. The growth of this age has sped up technological information, granted the world access to any type of source, and with a limited amount of regulation has become a danger to society. Today our communications have become shorter and more frequent, since people increasingly value the quick hits that allow them to glean important information and then quickly move on. “Hidden in the movies that we watch, the music we hear, the liquor we drink, the textbooks we read, it is overlooked because it is protected and its protection—or its alibi (Barthes 1957: 109-111)---allows the terms and relations of ideology to spill into and infiltrate our everyday lives” ( Allison 223). However, Allison does not mention that the recent shift from the Industrial Revolution to the growth of the digital age has caused an information overload. This overload does not permit us with efficient time to digest the information we receive.

Ideologies once regulated outside of state, by the people, controlled to represent the state during periods of early culture has come full circle in American society. Because of the unforeseen growth of the digital age, information has become easily accessible. The influence of a computer-based culture has now shaped the way we view and how we conduct our day-to-day lives. It is a direct result of the information we perceive. Furthermore, the speed of technological information is accelerating faster than we can comprehend. With the increasing pace of new technology, people 2 to 4 years apart are having completely different experiences with the aid of technology. It has sped up the generational differences, resulting in a gap among peers. The speed of information also has a psychological effect on society. As we consume information at a rapid pace, it inadvertently...
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