Dental Implants

Topics: Operating system, Microsoft Windows, Windows NT Pages: 7 (2449 words) Published: December 11, 2012
1-A (archive) is a file that can contain hundreds of other files saved in a special format 2-A utility program that makes a peripheral device function correctly is a (driver) 3-A file manager utility program allows you to perform all of the following EXCEPT (create a backup file of the entire contents of your computer disk for emergency purposes) 4-A (full) backup includes all the files and data on the hard disk 5-A boot disk (provides a way to troubleshoot computer start-up problems) 6-A (driver) is a program that contains information about a specific device and how the operating system communicates with it 7-A disk cleanup utility will search for and delete unusable files along with any files in the recycle pin (√) 8-A disadvantage of LINUX is that it is available only in a command-line version like the one in the accompanying figure(X) 9-A (incremental) backup only copies those file that have been created or changed since the last backup 10-A disk scanning program is used to (prevent storing files on a bad sector of a computer disk)(detect and resolve problems that may occur when file are stored on a disk) 11-A warm boot is the process of using the operating system to restart a computer (√) 12-A file compression utility program (saves disk space by exchanging long, often repeated data patterns in a file with shorter codes) 13-A special type of memory that stores configurations such as the amount of memory on the computer is called (CMOS) 14-All of the following are types of user interfaces EXCEPT (intuitive) 15-All of the following are functions of the operating system EXCEPT (creating drivers for devices such as printers and scanners) 16-All of the following are needed to access your computer in a multiuser environment EXCEPT a (internet address) 17-All of these statements about the setup program are true EXCEPT (the registry settings can be modified by using the setup program) 18-All of the following are involved in loading the operating system EXCEPT (adjusting the setup program in the BIOS) 19-An operating system with Plug-and-Play capabilities means that the system(recognizes new peripherals that were attached before you turned the computer power on and then installs the appropriate drivers and checks for driver compatibility) 20-An actual interruption of an event by an interrupt signal is called an interrupt (request) or IRQ 21-An operating system with (PNP) capability can immediately detect a newly-added peripheral and provide the appropriate device driver 22-An operating system that requires you to quit one program before starting a different program is referred to as a (single-tasking operating system) 23-Android is the operating system for mobile devices created by Google (√) 24-Although virtual memory enables users to work with more memory than the amount installed on the computer (paging) slows the computer down 25-By compressing files a backup utility program requires more storage space for the backup files than for the original files (X) 26-Because virtual memory is faster than CPU users may notice the computer speeding up while it uses virtual memory(X) 27-Backup software is classified as a (utility program)

28-(Backups) should be stored away from the computer system in case of a fire or flood 29-Backup software (allows you to create and save a file containing the data and program files on your computer to another disk or storage location for the files to be used for emergency purposes) 30-CMOS (is a special type of nonvolatile memory)

31-Common embedded operating system that are installed on handheld devices includes windows CE, Palm OS, Symbian OS, and android (√) 32-Command-line user interfaces are very popular (X)
33-Compression enables faster downloads but then you have to (decompress) the files after downloading 34-Compression utilities are able to store several hundred individual files in a special format into one file known as a (archive) 35-Drivers for frequently-used input and output...
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