Demostrative Speech

Topics: Nutrition, Health, Weight loss Pages: 2 (355 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Title: Demonstration Speech
Topic: Glen-Jo Blender
Thesis: The beauty of this product is that is easy, cheap and practical

* Attention-getter: Glen-Jo Blender it’s a powerful weapon that guides you to make delicious meals in a fast and easy way. * Audience Motivation: This Blender makes you save money, save time, and lose weight. * Establish Credibility: Glen- Jo Blender comes with a 100 years guaranty. You can go and search on Glen- Jo website and in there you will find comments from satisfied clients. Preview

Most of us have grown up knowing that our blenders are used for one function. [Transition] In our generation Glen- Jo has substitute many useless and expensive machines that just take time and money.

1. Personal:
* Glen-Jo helps to keep healthy your family. This applies to adults and kids. The way Glen- Jo does things it’s so natural and so efficient that guaranties the process of losing weight. It is easy to prepare it that you will have time to do it prepare it, and eat it in the company of the people you love retain minerals and proteins. * Example: Breakfast: A Energetic Drink ( we show the machine and the ingredients) * First we add the oats to the blender

* Then it comes the fresh melon
* Afterword we add some papaya
* And if its need, some water
* This drink contains fiber, carbohydrates, energy and proteins. * (We show them the drink) it’s healthy, easy, delicious.

2. Professional:
* For people who are trying to save some money. Glen- Jo it’s cheap, assessable, and practical. Makes you feel better, energetic and very portable to take whenever you want * Example Lunch: Vegetable Soup( we show another machine and other ingredients) * First we add some carrots to the blender

* Then well cut potatoes
* Add some fresh spinach
* And a little bit of salt.
* This container resist hot and cold ingredients

* Initial Summary: As...
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