Marketing Environmental Scan

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  • Published : April 16, 2013
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Group Activity One
Undertake an environmental scan (macro, market and industry) and research on current trends that are likely to be strategic drivers for your chosen idea. Based on these trends, justify why your idea has market potential which will become the basis for the rest of your tasks.

Diet Pill For Men * Diet pill
* Demographics: Aimed at adult men (21-upwards), working class, white-collar jobs where they have little time away from work and family, hence that time is not spent on exercise rather as further sedentary relaxation activities. Based in city to sub urban areas where space to exercise is limited due to availability or proximity to gyms, parks or open spaces. Those who only need to eat little intake of food as their occupation does not require excess or unnecessary eating. Those want to limit how much they eat. Race is not a factor with this product. * Economic: reduces spending on food purchases, can be promoted as managing cost and intake of food * Technological: can incorporate weight loss planner on phones or personal technology to track progress hence adding a personal or visual aspect to what they are doing apart from the physical loss of weight (unique value adding- making it apart of their lives). Branching ideas from green tea (similar to Xenadrine EFX), vitamin intake from fruits and vegetables (similar to Hydroxycitric acid), controlled amounts of protein (may be an exclusive to a powder form range in combination with the vitamin) and using natural additives such as (Glucosamine) and other health procts such as omega-3 and fatty acids * Socio-Cultural: sedentary lifestyle, how we spend our leisure time. Trends towards being more leaner or the idea of looking and feeling healthier * Can be both produced as a pill or powder (creating a range of intake to suit the consumer). Targeted as reducing high blood pressure, heart...
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