Advocare Story

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Our AdvoCare Story

AdvoCare was introduced to us by my good friend Jenny Donnelly. She said she and her husband were stay-at-home parents, making a full-time plus income on a part-time basis with AdvoCare.

At first Wayne was very skeptical, but finally tried the products. He felt an dramatic increase in energy from day one on products and lost 3+ inches off his waist in just 3 weeks on 24 Day Challenge Program, 8 years later, he has a body fat percentage under 10% and what he calls "Superman Energy" all day long!  What is the 24 Day Challenge? 

** Details Here

Being a former Occupational Therapist, I was impressed with the Science behind the Products and how they helped me get back in shape quickly after having our daughters. The Energy is what I love to share with all my fellow moms and friends who lead such busy lives and struggle maintaining energy levels.

What we Did

We felt so great on AdvoCare products that we quickly shared the products and opportunity with everyone we cared about. AdvoCare has such a simple system for building a business even though we had no experience. We went on to earn an incredible $11,000 our first month in the business, including an $8,000 rookie bonus!

Working AdvoCare on the past 7 years has enabled us to pay off over $120,000+ of debt, save for college, go on amazing vacations, and increased our giving to things important to us. We now currently earn $60,000 - $75,000 every month. Watch our story here:  Where we are Going

Our team has helped 100+ families earn a minimum of $1,000 per month, while others earn in excess of $10,000 per month as residual income. Our business can provide an incredible side income to pay off debt or it can take your family even further to create long-term wealth. We are looking to help others who want to join our team and tap into this Wellness Revolution that is going on right now. The timing is perfect to position yourself and your family. I encourage you...
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