Demonstrate How an Omega/Rolex Function

Topics: Watch, Balance wheel, Mechanical watch Pages: 3 (669 words) Published: May 17, 2013
Demonstrate How an Omega/Rolex watch are made

Joliena Hackler
May 3, 2013
General Purpose- To demonstrate how an Omega Watch is made

Intro: Today I’m going to demonstrate how the inside of an Omega watch functions, the Co-Axial Chronometer-The organ determines the frequency of the movement through regular Oscillators. The Co-Axial Escapement wheel & pallet fork interrupt the rotation of the gear train & send impulses to the organ gear train transmits energy to the Co-Axial escapement & turns the hands of the Omega watch Solid Banking movement of the pallet fork is limited on either sides by the Solid Bank pallet & fork bridge.

Main Support #1

The OMEGA Co-Axial calibres were built to provide working conditions to the Co-Axial escapement. The components consists of a balance roller carrying a pallet and an impulse pin, an anchor with 3 pallets and a 3 level Co-Axial escapement wheel comprising the Co-Axial wheel, the Co-Axial pinion and the gearing/transmission pinion which is connected to the intermediary wheel and the gear train is adjustment is made by micro screws embedded in a circular balance wheel. This design improves shock resistance & avoids the disturbances caused by the balance spring.

Main Support #2

The technology is complex but there are some impressive advantages to the design when it is compared with the Swiss lever escapement: energy has to be transmitted to the oscillator that maintains it frequency. In a Swiss lever escapement involves the wheel tooth sliding along the inclined surface of the pallet. The sliding movement generates friction making optimal lubrication vital if the escapement is to function correctly. The OMEGA Co-Axial escapement is used in conjunction with a free sprung-balance.

Main Support #3

The quality is a hallmark of every watch all materials used in the creation of each component- from the smallest screw in the movement to the metal used in the cases- are...
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