Lesson 1

Topics: Watch, Magnifying glass, Pocket watch Pages: 2 (503 words) Published: November 25, 2012
Part A

From the list below, supply the words needed to complete the paragraph. Some words will not be used .


Jasmine had thought that her irresponsible days of __________________________ were far behind her until Kayla showed up at her door. After only three days of freedom from the county correctional facility, Kayla had begun her old scheming again. She went to the house to ____________________ Jasmine into helping her move a truckload of stolen goods to another state - an easy job, she claimed, and virtually no risk. It would even be fun, she claimed. “Let me get this straight. You’ve been out of jail for three days, and you already want me to ___________________ you in a crime? Are you crazy?” Jasmine was still ___________________ toward her sister because Kayla, prior to her first sentence, “borrowed” Jasmine’s car for a robbery and nearly got Jasmine arrested as a result. “Sorry, Kayla, but I’m quite happy with my ______________________, uneventful life. Please leave, and don’t come back.”


Mr. Knight learned the _________________________ art of watch making during a three-year stay in Switzerland more than forty years ago. Since that time, he spent countless evenings in his basement workshop assembling the tiny, complex machines. As a(n) __________________________ grandfather, Mr. Knight often invites his grandchildren to his shop, where they watch with amazement through a large magnifying glass and see a newly assembled pocket watch tick for the first time. “Watches are such perfect machines; there’s no room for __________________ parts or over-engineering. And then, to see such a tiny machine to operate under its own power - it amazes me every time. When asked about his thoughts on the mass production techniques of modern watches, Knight revealed his ____________________...
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