Democrats vs Republicans

Topics: Left-wing politics, Centre-right, Marriage Pages: 2 (356 words) Published: November 10, 2010
Gerald Friend III
Ms Lyndsey Daniel
Comp I MWF 8:00
15 November 2010
Democrats vs. Republicans
Most Young adults are undecided whether they want to be a democrat or republican. The Democrat party logo is the donkey and Republicans party logo is the elephant. Democrats are generally Choosing to be a Democrat is the way to go because they support abortion, Democrats support gays and gay marriages, oppose the death penalty, oppose the right of everyone to bear arms, and democrats favor minimum wages. Democrats are known as liberals and they are left of center. Republicans are called conservatives and they are right of center.

First off, Democrats support abortion. Republicans oppose abortion. Democrats want to keep the law how it is and allow you to make the decision to or not to keep your baby. People make the mistake of having sexual intercourse especially teenagers and young adults; therefore, they should be allowed to amend those mistakes. Rape Victims should be able to have the option of aborting the burden they unwilling received. Abortion is good, because it gives people the opportunity who cannot afford a child to not have to worry about paying for that child.

Democrats support giving gay people the opportunity to marry. Our nation and our government are based on individual rights and freedoms, and to not allow people of the same sex to marry goes against a person’s individual freedom. Republicans for the most part oppose gay marriage, because they only believe marriage should be between two people of opposite sex. Republicans support the military policy “Don’t Ask, Don’t tell”. “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” basically means if you are openly gay then you cannot be in the military, so if you are gay and want to serve in the military keep inside the closet. `Next, Donkeys strongly oppose the death penalty. Republicans believe the death penalty helps lower certain crimes. Democrats do not find the death penalty necessary.

Furthermore, Democrats oppose...
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