Moral Basis

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  • Published : March 24, 2013
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There are many people in this world that are strongly against the act of abortion, such as Republicans and most religions. I on the other hand, am not one of those people. Yes I believe in God and that the gift of life is precious, but I also believe in the mother’s having a choice on whether or not they want to be responsible for a human being. There are many valid reasons as to why a woman would consider having an abortion, and each reason is extremely important and should not be looked down upon.

One of the first reasons why I believe that a pregnant woman should have to choice of abortion is in my opinion one of the most important reasons, rape/incest/or any other sort of crime. If a woman is raped by a strange, scary man, or even her family member, having the child that they creating during this horrible incident would be a constant tragic reminder of what happened to the poor woman. She may even be hostile towards the child and not give him/her the love that a mother should. Also, woman also fear that not only would it be emotionally and psychologically hard to deal with, but if they did give birth to the child, then put them up for adoption, if the child somehow finds her one day looking for answers it will open up old wounds. Abortion is the best answer in this situation if a woman feels that she can not emotionally, psychologically, physically, or in any way deal with be impregnated in the horrific circumstances of rape, insect, etc.

There is also the reason of medical instances that may occur within the unplanned or planned pregnancy. If a doctor tests that the child will have disabilities or will have severe medical problems if the woman chooses, this is another reason for abortion. I personally do not agree with this reason for abortion, but at the same time if a woman does not think she is capable financially, emotionally, or physically able to handle and take care of a severely disabled or sick child, they may get an abortion. Now...
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