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Explaining the TQM process at Sundaram Clayton, Venu Srinivasan, managing director, (and also chairman and managing director of sister company, TVS Motor - another Deming recipient - ) says, "It is a company-wide effort at continuous quality improvement of all processes, products and services through total employee involvement, that results in increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty, and improved business results." Interestingly, the TVS group adapted to the TQM concepts and assimilated them in its own 'TVS culture' to the extent that the auditors from JUSE commended the TQM practices in the group as 'TVS TQM'. JUSE also examines whether the medal challenger, as the applicant is referred to, has established 'challenging customer-oriented business objectives and strategies under clear leadership' and precisely how TQM was implemented to achieve them. JUSE also assesses whether the company has scored 'outstanding achievement' in its business objectives and strategies after implementing TQM. According to JUSE, TQM is a set of systematic activities carried out by the entireorganisation to achieve effectively its objectives to provide products or services at a quality that satisfies customers at the appropriate time and price. And the shortest way to Deming is to undertake only those activities that are really necessary for its business and which are unique to its business and scale. For all the TVS group winners, it was a hard grind before they won the Deming. However, it has been worth it all as the benefits have helped beef up the top and bottom lines of each of the recipients. "The award certainly puts the company on a higher pedestal straightaway," remarks SBL's chairman and managing director, K Mahesh. "Though many companies outside India are not familiar with the Deming prize, they know that it is the highest recognition in a company's quest for total quality." Adds Srinivasan, "TVS Motor experienced significant increase in sales after receiving the Deming medal. Our turnover, which was around Rs1,940 crore in 2001-02, went up over Rs2,700 crore in 2002-03 and to Rs2,856 last fiscal. The projection for the current fiscal is Rs3,200 crore."(See: Zipping in the fast lane).

At TVS Motor Company, every department works in tandem to produce quality products. The people form the pillars of support, strengthening the overall quality standards and moving towards total customer satisfaction.

In our quest to achieve world - class levels in quality as well as improvements in design and processes, the company has formed special task forces to monitor quality related performance. The basic tenets of TQM, including Daily work management, Policy management, Kaizen (continuous improvement), Training and standardization are followed across our organization.

These processes help us produce defect free vehicles known for their durability and reliability. 

All our processes are Deming certified.             

Acknowledged by the Japanese for Quality 
We at TVS Motor Company are proud to have been awarded the prestigious and coveted Deming Prize, instituted by JUSE (Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers). TVS Motor Company is the only 2-wheeler company in the world to have received this award.|   |

TVS Motor Company was also awarded the prestigious "TPM Excellence award - First category" by Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance (JiPm), rated as the benchmark in TPM excellence in India. 

Our two state-of-the-art manufacturing plants in Mysore and Hosur, near Bangalore, India's IT Capital, are spread over 272 acres and 174 acres respectively, with a combined capacity to produce over 1.5 million two wheelers per annum.

With flexible lines, quick change over and Poka - Yoke incorporated in the processes, TVS Motor Company ensures high quality of its products.  Safety management is integrated with the Company's overall Environment, Health and...
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